List of Cryptocurrencies

We are in a new era of cashless transactions. The blockchain technology has given us the next generation gold. Cryptocurrencies stand out because of their ability to support fast, affordable, and anonymous transactions. Whether you are sending cash locally or abroad, the cost is very low, and it takes only a few seconds.

Cryptocurrency applications in the globe today

After launching of Bitcoin in 2008, over 900 new cryptocurrencies have entered the market. Every new crypto is introducing a new way of doing things, a solution to a societal issue, and advancing the blockchain technology. This self-improving and growing model has made cryptocurrencies the most sought after in the globe today.

You can either join the crypto world to simply use the network for sending and receiving cash, or mine the crypto assets. Here are additional uses of cryptocurrencies;

  • Facilitating medical research
  • Creating link for scientific studies
  • Education
  • Publishing and media
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Space exploration

Because all of these are facilitated at a lower cost, more people are finding blockchain as the ultimate solution to their issues. Do not be left behind.

The crypto trends indicating the authority of cryptocurrencies

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness arising from the use of cryptocurrencies has triggered huge demand from all niches around the globe. This can be demonstrated by the latest trends that keep growing each cryptocurrency’s portfolio in crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency with each coin having a value of $7,512.16. Its market capitalization that stands at $125,321,233,592 is the highest in the market.

The second most valuable cryptocurrency is Ethereum with a market capitalization of $31,228,440,876. However, the price of Ethereum is $326.12 which means it falls behind the third-placed Bitcoin cash priced at $1027.02 and sixth-placed Dash valued at $417.47. Here is a complete list of top six cryptocurrencies based on Market capitalization and price.

Bitcoin has established deep reaching roots and is seen as the biggest network outside the control of central authorities. The superfast growth of cryptocurrencies has made administrations to go back to the drawing board to rethink the following;

  • Applications
  • Accountability
  • Legalities
  • Control
  • Cooperation
  • Penalties

Whichever the angle you look at it, there is no doubt that the future is blockchain. The cryptocurrencies have solidified the sharing economy, drawn lines for enhancing company efficiency, and yielded new currencies that people can own. Do not be left out of this crucial change whose time has reached.

                Notice! All currencies are in AUD.